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Tytan provides a team of professionals offering multiple surface land services and environmental expertise to the energy and utility sectors across Alberta & Saskatchewan.

An Experienced Team of Land and Environmental Professionals Servicing Alberta and Saskatchewan

Our Goals and Values

As client-oriented land agents, we are driven by three core values:

Continue to run a reliable business with integrity, safety and honesty at the heart of the organization.
Building relationships/partnerships and helping clients and stakeholders fulfill their goals throughout the process and keep open positive communication between client/stakeholder.
Innovative, timely and cost-effective execution of high-quality services.
Inspection of quality land

Comprehensive Service

Experts in a variety of land matters related to oil and gas, our licensed land agents, project managers, and land administrators have formed outstanding relationships with landowners and homeowners across the community. We ensure that all negotiations and agreements are carried out ethically and in the best interests of all parties concerned.

Right from discussing and addressing all project specifications to seeing that land access and surface rights are secured, we partner with our clients to ensure regulatory compliance and the third-party responsibilities are fulfilled. The Tytan Land Services Ltd. team assists you every step of the way, from preparation to construction assistance. Do reach out to us over email for more details.


We proudly extend our services to facilitate environmental expertise on projects and planning and execution abandonment, along with remediation and reclamation of assets.

Our Expertise

Take a look at the services we specialize in:

Right of way acquisitions
Freehold/crown acquisitions
Stakeholder consultation and negotiation
Regulatory compliance
Project coordination
Data and document management
Community and stakeholder engagements
Analyst project support
Environmental site assessments
Project management
Asset retirement programing
Pre-sale liability reviews
Site supervision
GM/SCVF testing
Environmental monitoring
Desktop reviews/project packages
AB and SK one call notifications
Stakeholder notifications

Our Locations

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