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Tytan Land Services Ltd.

PO Box 96023 RPO West Springs

Calgary, AB T3H 0L3

Phone: 780-872-1137

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Looking for reliable land agents and administrators to guide you through every step of your land project? For land acquisition, crown and freehold acquisition, assistance with the settlement of damage claims, support in stakeholder negotiations, drafting of land-related documents, environmental consulting for land reclamation, and more, you can count on us at Tytan Land Services Ltd.

Serving Alberta & Saskatchewan, Tytan Land Services Ltd. is a brand name you can trust. Our team and its operations are managed by Tyler Tannas, who comes with 16 years of experience as a successful land agent. We carry out all our services in an honest, transparent way and consider the best interests of all the parties involved, helping you ensure that regulatory compliance and third-party requirements have all been met.

Please feel free to write to us. If you have any queries, you can fill out the form below, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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