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Who Are We?

Located in Alberta, Tytan Land Services Ltd. was incorporated in 2006 by Tyler Tannas, a known name in the land consulting industry. The team at Tytan Land Services has professionals like Tyler with 16 years of industry experience on midstream and upstream oil and gas projects, Cheryl with 18 years of experience in the oil and gas sector and Jessica with 8 years of experience as a land analyst. Their combined experience and knowledge have helped us successfully meet the diverse needs of our growing clientele. In matters related to oil and gas, we can help you develop real business value from your land and provide solutions in environmental management and renewable resource use.

At our firm, we prioritize quality customer service based on open communication and attention to detail. Here is a short introduction to our team members.

Get to Know us Better

Meet our experienced professionals:

Tyler Tannas

President, Land Agent

Tyler has a Bachelor of Education (Hons) degree as well as a Land Agent License. With over 16 years of extensive experience on midstream and upstream oil and gas projects and the utility sector, Tyler knows the importance of strong communication. Tyler has always been successful in establishing a rapport with stakeholders in order to create an open and honest position for negotiations. Tyler is very effective in meeting the needs of top clients in the boardroom as well as the landowners/stakeholders involved at the kitchen table. 

Cheryl Tannas

Vice President, Environmental Specialist 

Cheryl holds a Master of Science degree in Environment and Management, a Bachelor degree in Applied Environmental Management, and a Diploma in Environmental Conservation and Reclamation. She has 18 years of experience working in the oil and gas sector, managing teams of professionals to reduce oil and gas liabilities to accelerate through to reclamation certificates. Cheryl has extensive experience in managing and coordinating large-scale site closure programs from decommissioning through to reclamation certificates. 

Jessica McPherson

Administrative Manager, Senior Analyst

Jessica has eight years of experience as a Land Analyst with a diverse background in both crown and freehold land acquisition, requesting and obtaining all third-party agreements and complying with the province’s regulations. She has completed countless crown applications, amendments, and renewals. Jessica has maintained and completed larger scale projects such as brushing, reclamation work and winter access.

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