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Efficient Asset Management in Alberta & Saskatchewan

Do you need managerial assistance for your land project? At Tytan Land Services Ltd., we specialize in land acquisition as well as asset management of freehold and the crown estates in Alberta & Saskatchewan.

Led and guided by the experienced Tyler Tannas, a Commissioner for Oaths in Alberta and Saskatchewan, our team of licensed land agents, project managers, and land administrators meet all project specifications to ensure that all your land access and surface rights are protected.

For land-related matters, environmental services and damage prevention services, we believe that transparency between our clients and landowners is essential. We collaborate with our customers to ensure compliance with regulations and standards of third parties and dedicate the required time and effort to completing projects with careful attention to minor details. From planning to support during and after construction, we have you covered.

Right of way acquisitions
Freehold/crown acquisitions
Stakeholder consultation and negotiation
Regulatory compliance
Project coordination
Data and document management
Community and stakeholder engagements
Analyst project support
A pump jack in a field

Our firm helps property owners acquire surface rights for various purposes, including surveying, drilling, pipelining, facilities, transmission ROW's, and other production operations. We are also experienced in assessing and settling damage claims.

Take a look at the services we offer:

Environmental services
Environmental site assessments
Project management
Asset retirement programing
Pre-sale liability reviews
Site supervision
GM/SCVF testing
Environmental monitoring

Tytan Land Services Ltd. provides customers with a wide range of environmental consulting services that include professional supervision and implementation of programs. We guide you with environmental regulations and handle abandonment and site closure cases, working closely with stakeholders and government agencies.

 Our environmental services include:

Count on Tytan Land Services Ltd. for raising awareness in communities living and working near your pipelines. Our experienced team ensures that all operating standards are met, from surveillance, public awareness, to pipeline mapping. 

You can depend on us for the following services: 

Desktop reviews/project packages
AB and SK one call notifications
Stakeholder notifications

Call us today for expert consultation and guidance.

Freehold and Crown Acquisitions

We assist you in securing surface rights. 

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