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A Full Suite of Land Services, based in Alberta & Saskatchewan

Our expert surface land team at Tytan Land Services Ltd. are well-versed in the regulations of both private and public land and the oil and gas industry. We serve our clients, landowners and all stakeholders in Alberta & Saskatchewan on a variety of projects from initial survey to project completion.

We take pride in fostering successful agreements that are fair and equitable to all parties involved and cultivating relationships with stakeholders that establish trust. Our professionals are acutely aware of landowner relationships and agreements, and we believe in carrying out timely and effective negotiations for our clients.

You can count on our work ethics as we engage in discussions with care to ensure quality and accuracy and that the final arrangement is beneficial for everyone.


With a full team of licensed and knowledgeable land agents, project managers and land administrators, we help you address all that is required on a project to ensure that access to land and surface rights have been secured properly. We work closely with you so that regulatory compliance and third-party requirements are all met.

From planning and obtaining non-objections to assistance during and after construction, here is a complete list of the land services we offer:

Land acquisition
Freehold acquisition
Crown acquisition
Regulatory compliance
Damage settlement
Rental reviews
Third-party agreements
Project support
Project Coordination
Community and Stakeholder Engagements
Analyst Project Support
Two farmers shaking hands in field

Experienced Land Administrators

We help you with document preparation, access, negotiations and more.

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